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I got some questions about my arcade set up. We don’t have too many machines that are working at the moment, but we’re getting there.

1. NeoGeo. Brett’s first machine. I love this thing so darn much! The board is currently out for repair.

2. OutRun. Brett’s favorite game if all time. We just bought this yesterday, it works perfectly and it is gorgeous!

3. Enduro Racer. Another machine that we got yesterday. It had been paid off for a while and the guy was finally able to deliver it to us. It has some graphical issues, and we’re gonna try to re-seed the connections and dust them off before we send the board out if we have to. It plays though, and it’s a blast!

4. Space Harrier. My favorite machine. The music is killer and it’s super fun to play! This one has so e graphical issues too, and we plan to send the board out for repair sometime hopefully soon.

5. Mata Hari. Our first and only pin. Got it from a guy who cleaned out foreclosed homes. One of the boards in this one was shot, so we have to get a new one and refurbish the playfield and fix the cool mechs before we can play it. I can’t wait till we get this one running!

6. Mortal Combat… Kinda. This one was given to us for free and is basically an empty cabinet. The magic smoke in the power supply went out yesterday, our monitor is apparently a bad one, and our board is bootleg. BUT it is Jamma compatible so we’ll probably do something with it. Definitely not our top priority though.

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