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Dude, why is everyone a virgo

I’m Gemini :U



Picking a changeling color is hard…

I haven’t seen a Purple one around but I also like Green and Blue…

Actually I think I totally got one…Maybe…

For the first time in three days I’ve got the house to myself again.

Omg I’m tired…

Totally making a changeling OC today.

No clue where to start but it’ll be cool ^_^

Anonymous sent: Same anon: you assume wrong. Awesome wouldn't be enough.

Awesome isn’t enough? I’m not much better than awesome XD

Anonymous sent: Had one, as for the reasons, it'd be ludicrous to explain what you know or guess already.

Wait ludicrous to explain the reasons you had a crush on me?

I kinda wanna know, but I’m just gonna assume it’s because I’m awesome.