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ask-seth-ferai sent: Came back from dinner to find a discussion on me, I feel kind of bad about it

Why? You shouldn’t.

Reblog if you’re in the Pokémon fandom


I really want to see what the biggest fandom on Tumblr is!

ask-factory-scootaloo sent: I'm curious, why does it seem there are people out there actively hating Seth? Or maybe I'm misunderstanding the Anon. Sure he got a ton of free publicity by clinging to the legs of everybody famous when he started his own ask blog, but it died after a week and now nobody really remembers him.

I didn’t get that the anon was hating Seth. I certainly wasn’t. I really admire his dedication to what he loves.

Maybe he’s seen by some as an attention whore? Idk. I think he’s cool.

Anonymous sent: just wait, that dude's going to be silver by the next month

I hope he is!

Anonymous sent: A normal bronze player, not so much, bronze players like Seth and many others who despise the fact their in bronze? Yes they are formidable, to everything they encounter, their like an invasion set forth to wreak havoc upon the world, like the fire nation!


Anonymous sent: actually, bronze is the lowest tier it is, Bronze players are considered the crap players of League, which is no doubt why he's trying his hardest to get out of it

Yeah but I mean bronze players are still pretty formidable to a noob like me

Anonymous sent: Alright, well word of advice, do not go against him, he may be a bronze but that dude pulls plays like no other, do NOT especially let him play Azir, the newest dude, he was freaking scary late game, worst thing was I couldn't even get CLOSE to him to kill him and he killed me in 3-5 hits, it was scary, it was frustrating, it was also really cool

Dude I can barely hold my own in PVP there’s no way I’m going up against a bronze player.

Anonymous sent: This guy has an UNHOLY amount of dedication then, when he can get 16 kills and four deaths and STILL lose a match, and then plays another one right after, jesus

That’s what happens when you’re dedicated and driven. It’s the same thing with anything. You think I gave up after seeing my ponies looked like crap? No. So he’s not gonna give up when he loses a match.

Go big or go home.

Anonymous sent: I'm a bronze player, so is he, I've tracked his matches, stalkerish I'm sorry, but man this dude must repress A LOT of anger, he's been in 30 division series to get out of Bronze 3 and into Bronze 2, and he always wins one and loses two and therefore loses the series, I don't know how he keeps trucking like that, its unnatural but somewhat inspiring

It’s DEDICATION is what it is! You don’t give up! YOU KEEP ON TRUCKING!